Training Requirements for Service Coordinators

HUD recognizes the need for service coordinators to diversify their skill set to be able to manage the complex scenarios they may face on a daily basis, and thus requires that all first year service coordinators serving the elderly/disabled at a HUD property obtain a MINIMUM of 36 hours of training in their first year on the job.

However, navigating the requirements outlined by HUD can be an all-day task in itself. Do you know how to locate the HUD training requirements for first-year service coordinators?

Because of the complex nature of the HUD training requirements, AASC has created a training module to assist those new to service coordination in gaining an understanding of the training requirements, definitions and subject areas. Spending just a few minutes with this module and utilizing the available resources will help guide you as you navigate the HUD language and requirements, so that you may begin to put the pieces of your training puzzle together.



HUD Chapter 8.9: Training Guidelines

Putting the Pieces Together Handouts

Glossary of Terms

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