PSC Renewal

Professional Service Coordinator Certificate Renewal Program

Once the PSC designation is achieved, AASC requires all PSCs to participate in the renewal program in order to maintain the PSC designation. This ensures that PSCs maintain the highest professional standards and continue to receive additional training. PSCs must meet the requirements below and submit evidence of professional development activities on a periodic basis in order to maintain the PSC certification.

To renew the PSC designation, AASC requires all PSC holders to:

  • Obtain 36 training contact hours (12 per year) including a minimum of 3 hours of ethics training every 3 years
  • Be an AASC member in good standing


Download the PSC Renewal Application

Email your completed PSC Renewal Application to Therese Foust

To purchase your PSC Renewal: click here


Additional PSC Renewal Guidelines

Approved courses that will be accepted for the ethics requirement must have the word “ethics” in the objectives and/or in the course title; otherwise, they will not count toward the requirement.

PSCs may apply for renewal at any time during the third year following passage of the PSC exam. For example, if an individual successfully completed the PSC exam in 2016, s/he must apply for renewal in 2019. Individuals must initiate the renewal process. PSCs will not be invoiced for renewals.

A renewal application must be completed in full. (See the link above for the application.) After submitting the Application for Renewal, you may pay the renewal fee of $75 through AASC. If you are late in renewing, late fees apply as follows:

  • 0–6 months late: $25.00
  • 7–12 months late: $50.00
  • 13–17 months late: $75.00
  • 18 or more months: please contact AASC for next steps

Not meeting the requirements of the PSC Renewal Program results in an expiration of the PSC designation. However, reinstatement may be requested, with documentation of 36 training contact hours (including 3 hours of ethics training) submitted. The AASC Professional Development Advisory Committee will determine what steps the expired PSC needs to take in order to get reinstated and become current.

Both non-members and those who do not meet or follow the renewal process will NOT be designation holders and the program is then considered a certificate program only. This means you completed the program, but you cannot use the letters of designation behind your name or receive related discounts/benefits, such as the ethics webinar discount code for free ethics training.

You must submit proof of training contact hours in the renewal application, including information related to ethics training (at least three hours over the three year period).  Proof of training contact hours include completion certificates, agendas, programs, etc. For each training or session, you must list the following:

  1. Program name
  2. Instructor
  3. Location
  4. Date of instruction
  5. Learning objectives
  6. Number of contact hours earned

If you attend an event, such as a conference or symposium, where multiple sessions are presented, you must list the above information for each individual session.

Contact hours must be earned at official training programs with established learning objectives.

Please note – Employer-specific training will not be accepted for PSC renewals. All other employer training will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis for consideration.