Board of Directors

Jennifer Truppa

Jennifer Truppa serves as the Regional Director of Resident Services at Mercy Housing. She joined Mercy Housing with 15 years of experience in affordable housing and resident services. She works to increase Mercy Housing’s focus on service-enriched, affordable housing as a platform for improved health outcomes for residents. Through her advocacy and leadership direction to site-based resident service coordinators for the needs of persons in affordable housing, residents are offered a service-enriched environment where they are likely to benefit from an increased sense of well-being and are better able to manage their quality of life. 

Ms. Truppa holds a Credential for Green Property Management and is a member of the American Association of Service Coordinators (AASC). In 2009, she was named to the AASC National Standards and Practice Committee, sharing best practices and assisting with procedural enhancements to the AASC Program Manual of Recommended Standards of Practice. She is also a member of the National Conference Education Committee. She attended Bradley and Lewis Universities where her studies focused in the Bachelor of Science programs of nursing and political science.