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Important Information on FY 2017 Service Coordinator Grant Extensions

Friday, January 27, 2017  
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HUD has just put forth information and guides on the GrantSolutions reopening:

The FY 2017 Service Coordinator in Multifamily Housing for the Elderly and Disabled Extension application submission period will reopen starting Monday, January 30, 2017, and will close on Friday, February 17, 2017.

The reopening period will allow for:

  • Curable Deficiency Corrections. Applicants that have submitted an acceptable application will be afforded the opportunity to correct any identified deficiencies.
  • Submission of New Application. For those applicants that were not able to submit an application, this is a final opportunity to submit your request for the FY 2017 Extension.

Curable Deficiency Corrections
After HUD receives your application(s), your local Grant Specialist may contact you to clarify an item in your application or to correct deficiencies. All communications will be done via GrantSolutions. HUD may contact you to ensure proper completion of the application. HUD reserves the right to respond to unanticipated system defects, research needs, ambiguities and technical difficulties in application submissions through a flexible implementation of its authority to cure application deficiencies through written inquiries seeking clarification and additional information.

When HUD identifies a curable technical deficiency, HUD will notify you via GrantSolutions describing the deficiency. You must carefully review the request for cure of a deficiency and must provide the response in accordance with the instructions contained in the deficiency notification. Please refer to the attachments for instructions on making changes to your application.

You must correct deficiencies no later than 3 days of the date the application was returned.

Submission of New Application
If you did not submit an application prior to the deadline date, this will be your final opportunity to submit. Also, if you submitted prior to the deadline date but you have been informed by your Grant Specialist that you did not comply with the GrantSolutions submission instructions, you will now be able to resubmit.

NOTE: For all new applications, you are highly encouraged to submit immediately so that your application can be screened and you can be provided the opportunity to correct any identified deficiencies.