Webinar Policies and Procedures
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Registering for a webinar

Joining a webinar

Obtaining a completion certificate

Substitutions, cancellations and refunds


About AASC’s Webinars

AASC webinars are live audio and PowerPoint presentations that allow registrants to participate in training via their personal computer and/or telephone.

  • View the schedule of upcoming webinars
  • Webinars begin at 2:00 pm Eastern Time (ET) and each webinar is typically 90 minutes in length (unless noted otherwise)
  • Webinars are typically worth 1.5 training contact hours

Contact Melody Cardenas at mcardenas@servicecoordinator.org with webinar questions or issues.


Webinar Procedures

  • Visit AASC’s calendar and click on a webinar to register.
  • Webinar registration closes 48 hours prior to the event.
  • Individuals with four (4) or more outstanding balances for past webinars will not be permitted to register for a new event.
  • You will receive two emails immediately after registering for a webinar:
    • A registration confirmation of the date and time of the webinar you registered for
    • A purchase confirmation with payment details
  • If your webinar was not paid for at the time of registration, forward the purchase confirmation email to your accounts payable for payment processing. AASC permits you to attend the webinar without pre-payment; however, your completion certificate will not be issued until payment is received.


Joining the Webinar
  • Prior to the webinar, you will receive an email with your unique join button to access the training. [Note: Each participant must sign in using their unique join button that tracks their attendance for credits.] If you do not receive an invitation email by the end of business the Monday before the webinar, contact AASC immediately at 614-848-5958.
  • AASC strongly recommends first-time attendees contact our partners at Citrix in advance of the webinar. This will ensure that you will be able to receive reminder emails and connection links, as well as be able to connect to the course. Call 888-259-8414 and select: option 1, then option 1 and option 1 to be directed to the Corporate Support Team. [Note: If your IT department prevents downloads, please contact them to resolve this issue prior the webinar.]
  • At the designated time on the day of the webinar, click on the join button in your email invitation. This will connect you directly to the website, where you will view/listen to the webinar.
  • For optimal viewing, access the webinar using a computer with a high-speed internet connection and audio speakers. If you do not have a computer with audio speakers, you will need a telephone with long-distance calling capabilities.
  • If you attend the webinar by only using the phone option, there will be insufficient data proving that you attended the webinar. Please call AASC before using this option at 614-848-5958.


Obtaining a Completion Certificate
  • To obtain a completion certificate showing training contact hours, attendees must:
    • Complete a post test within 24 hours of the end of the training and score 80% or better on the open-book post test
    • Attend for the entire 90 minute session
    • Submit full payment for the webinar
  • If you are unable to complete the post test in the 24-hour time frame or require a paper copy of the post test, please contact AASC's Professional Development team immediately at 614-848-5958.
  • AASC does not issue partial training credit for training events.
  • Completion certificates will be available by the Monday following the webinar by 2:00 pm ET (unless the AASC offices are closed, in which case they will be available the next business day).
  • Completion certificates are available on AASC’s website and can be accessed by following these steps:
    • Log in to your AASC account
    • Click on "Manage Profile" on the right side of the page under “My Profile”
    • Under "Content & Features," click on "Professional Development" and then the "Journal Entries" tab. Your training hours will be visible here.
  • If you have any issues or do not see some of the links described above, you may not have met all of the requirements for the webinar. These requirements include attending the full duration of the webinar (90 minutes, including the Q&A session), scoring 80% or higher on the post test and submitting full payment.

With questions or issues, please contact Melody Cardenas at mcardenas@servicecoordinator.org.


Webinar Policies: Substitutions, Cancellations and Refunds

*All webinars are live events. There are currently no recorded webinars available for viewing.*

All webinar substitutions or cancellations must be made to AASC (webinars@servicecoordinator.org or 614-848-5958) no later than 24 hours in advance of the webinar event start time. If your cancellation is received by AASC at least 24 hours in advance of the start of the webinar event and payment has been received, AASC will credit the appropriate amount toward another webinar of your choice. The credit must be used within 60 days from the date of the original webinar.

No webinar credit will be given if cancellation is not received by AASC at least 24 hours prior to the start of the webinar. AASC maintains a no-refund policy on all webinar and webinar subscription purchases. AASC understands that extenuating circumstances do arise. These situations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by AASC staff.

AASC reserves the right to cancel or change the topic of any webinar. In the rare event that AASC should find it necessary to cancel or change the topic of a webinar, you will receive notification prior to the start of the webinar. AASC will not be liable for or assume any obligations to any persons who have not registered with AASC, or otherwise received confirmation of their webinar registration. AASC is not responsible for any travel or telecommunication costs incurred for webinar attendance.