Member Testimonials



“The AASC University SC101 course is an excellent way for new service coordinators to learn the fundamentals of service coordination. In particular, I like the way the courses are laid out and the interactive quizzes that keep you on your toes! I would definitely recommend this for any new service coordinator."
Madelyne Pfeiffer, Contracted Quality Assurance Provider, MJ Housing & Services

"SC101 was very informative. It was very useful for new service coordinators to understand the basic duties of service coordination. AASC University is a great tool for new and seasoned service coordinators to stay up-to-date on changes in our field. Kudos to AASC for providing this most useful tool."  
Donna Griggs-Murphy, Social Services Coordinator, Allen Temple Arms I & II/Beacon Communities

"AASC University is a wonderful continuation of the excellent training AASC has been delivering to those working in service coordination. The subject matter is focused on the basic skills and tenets of service coordination while leading the participants to building advanced, professional skills. This information is the core of a service coordinator’s work; the tools they must have to be successful in serving residents, the property and the community."
Craig Knudsvig, Deputy Director/Client Service Manager (retired), Grand Forks Housing Authority

"SC101: Measuring Program Outcomes and Success provides a thorough overview of outcomes and evaluations with relatable details and examples. Methodical review provides for easy comprehension. Pleasant narrative makes it easy to follow along while allowing note taking."
Jo Stephanie Francisco, Resident Services & Quality Assurance Consultant, Silvercrest Management

"This module is a great help to new service coordinators as a guide. As a service coordinator for 12 years, I found this module to be a great review and recommend it for others."
Carol Samuels, Service Coordinator, Plough Towers