Innovative Program: Passport to Adventure

Passport to Adventure

Developed by Francis Heights
Denver, CO


To promote cultural diversity and recognize the diverse ethnicities within its community, Francis Heights created the Passport to Adventure program. Passport to Adventure allows residents to “visit” a chosen location and experience the culture without being hindered by lack of transportation, financial limitations, medical conditions or general frailties of age.

Francis Heights created passports for residents with pages that would be stamped for each destination the resident visited at a Passport to Adventure event. Staff also tracks attendance in AASConline. At each event, participants view a video of the destination, which includes information on the landscape, predominant religion, food, language, government, economy and more. Food from the region is shared, and while they eat residents socialize, sharing stories of travel to that region or comparisons to their own country. Francis Heights residents who are originally from the featured country share their memories, teach others a few words of their language and/or play music from their culture. Residents also create a craft representative of the culture.

The Passport to Adventure program was created to get residents more familiar with different cultures and encourage acceptance for others despite differences. Francis Heights staff has noticed a reduction in resident conflict, bullying and alienation of others thanks to the program.

The Passport to Adventure program was the recipient of the 1st place Innovation in Service Coordination Award in 2014.

For more information on the program, contact AASC.