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HUD Opens SfS Pilot to All Service Coordinators in Multifamily Housing for the Elderly and Disabled

Tuesday, January 9, 2018  
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HUD recently communicated that they are inviting and encouraging all service coordinators in Multifamily Housing for the Elderly and Disabled (Sect. 202 housing) to participate in the Standards for Success Pilot (SfS) for fiscal year 2018 (FY 2018). For FY 2018, participation in the pilot is voluntary. Both budget-based and grant-funded recipients are able to participate.

Learn more about Standards for Success

In FY 2017, HUD partnered with the Pangea Foundation—AASC’s partner in the development and maintenance of the web-based AASC Online data and case management system—to begin piloting SfS with service coordinators who use AASC Online. If you are a current AASC Online subscriber, you participated in and reported your work in the SfS system this past October and are still included in the pilot unless you have specifically requested not to participate.

For FY 2018, HUD seeks to expand participation. SfS requires only one annual report submission, and pilot participants do not have to complete the Semi-Annual Performance Reports. Furthermore, pilot participation provides the advantage of learning and becoming accustomed to the new reporting requirements before they become mandatory across HUD discretionary programs.

Service coordinators that want to participate in the SfS pilot may subscribe to AASC Online or use their own existing electronic case management system. For those who do not have an electronic file/data management system, HUD provides complimentary access to the GrantSolution online data collection and reporting tool called inForm. inForm allows participants to record their data throughout the reporting period and submit the data when ready.

If you do not use AASC Online but would like to participate in the SfS Pilot for FY 2018, you will need to email the GrantSolutions Help Desk at and provide the following information:

  • Organization name
  • Organization authorized representative
  • Organization point of contact
  • Organization DUNS number
  • Organization EIN/TIN number
  • HUD program
  • HUD grant number or contract number
  • Statement confirming your participation in Standards for Success for FY 2018
If you are interested in subscribing to AASC Online, click here to learn more about the system or to sign up for a free 30-day trial. AASC Online captures all activities conducted by service coordinators, is custom-designed to meet the unique needs of service coordinators working in senior and adult disability housing communities, and has been the test system for the SfS pilot.