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UPDATED: 2018 Grant Extension Application Instructions for the SCs in Multifamily Housing Program

Friday, October 27, 2017  
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The deadline for grant extension applications are now due Friday, December 8.

HUD has released information regarding the CY 2018 Annual Extension Funding Renewals that will again be processed through GrantSolutions as was for the CY 2017 process. The processing of the renewals will be accomplished through a streamlined process which applies to all grants that were submitted and awarded in GrantSolutions under the CY 2017 cycle.

Click to view the Application and Submission Instructions and the GrantSolutions QuickSheet for adding documents to Grant Notes in GrantSolutions. Also see the two-page GrantSolutions Grantee User Account Request Form if you do not currently have access to your Service Coordinator grant in GrantSolutions and need this.

The deadline for submitting the CY 2018 Service Coordinator Grant extension renewal in GrantSolutions is November 20 December 8, 2017. There will be no extensions to this deadline, and the process as outlined in the instructions must be followed in order to not jeopardize the receipt of 2018 extension funding. The required information is to be submitted on the same grant application record that was established in GrantSolutions for 2017.

Changes in West Region Grants communications

The West Region of HUD that oversees the grant-funded service coordinator programs for that region has communicated a change in where West Region grantees are to send their grant-related correspondence beginning November 1, 2017:

  • – for Arizona, California, Hawaii, Guam, Nevada and Utah – monitored by Rhonda Horn, Grant Specialist, 303-675-1608
  • – for Colorado, Montana, Oregon, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington and Wyoming – monitored by Darlene S. Matushefske, Grant Specialist, 303-672-5474

The West Region has also setup a mailing list for grantees to receive pertinent grant related information, guidance and updates starting November 1, 2017. To receive these mailings, you must subscribe to the ListServ at the following link. This will be the primary avenue of communication out to grantees from West Grants, so it is important that you sign up in order to receive information you will need throughout the year.

After November 1, the West Region Grants Specialists will no longer be sending out email blasts. Please do not rely on receiving information via email from West.Grants or email blasts from the West Region Grant Specialists after November 1 which is why signing up for the West Region Grants ListServ is imperative.


Service Coordinator in Multifamily Housing Program Resource Guide (Draft) Is Available for Review and Public Comment

At long last, a more comprehensive guide for service coordinators in Multifamily Housing for the Elderly and Disabled and Quality Assurance professionals has been developed by HUD. HUD contracted with Abt Associates to develop the guidebook. The Director of Housing and Community Initiatives at Abt, a former member of AASC’s Board of Directors, contacted AASC to subcontract in the development and writing of the Guide.

On October 26, 2017, HUD posted a draft of the Service Coordinator in Multifamily Housing Program Resource Guide for public comment. This resource guide focuses on how to operate an effective service coordination program in HUD Assisted Multifamily Housing for the Elderly and Disabled programs.

Comments should be submitted to by November 27, 2017.

The draft Resource Guide can be found here: