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Contact Your Members of Congress and Urge Them to Support the FY 2017 HUD Spending Bill

Tuesday, April 11, 2017  
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Majority and minority staff of both the House and Senate Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (T-HUD) Appropriations Subcommittees have stated that Congress is unlikely to accept the administration’s proposed cuts to HUD programs for FY 2017 appropriations. The proposed cuts would require reopening a bill that is already 99% negotiated. Resolution of the FY 2017 T-HUD spending bill and other appropriations bills is unlikely to be concluded until the end of April, the deadline for the current Continuing Resolution.

The current T-HUD appropriations bills (H.R. 5394 and S. 2844) fund HUD service coordinator programs at the following levels:

  • Service Coordinators in Multifamily Housing for the Elderly: $75 million
  • Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinators (FSS): $75 million
  • Resident Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (ROSS): $35 million

Your Members of Congress (MoCs) are at home in their state/district through April 21. Please contact your House Representative and your two Senators to urge them to support passage of the FY 2017 T-HUD bill, as already negotiated by the House and Senate.

This would even be a good time to invite them and/or their staff to your property to show them, first hand, how effective and necessary affordable housing with service coordination is to keeping low-income older adults independent and low-income families moving up the economic ladder towards self-sufficiency. Ask them to join an event you're having with your residents, or plan a “meet and greet” where the MoCs and/or other elected officials can talk with your residents and take a tour of your property. Provide education on your residents, their needs and how you help them as a service coordinator.

You can locate your House Representative and their office contact information here.

You can locate your Senators and their office contact information here.

Get tips on how to invite elected officials to your property on page 15 of our Public Policy & Advocacy Toolkit.

NEW! AASC has fact sheets that show the statistics on the impact of service coordination. Use this information to show the effects of your work to your MoCs and other elected officials.