2017 Summer of Action

Make this Summer your Season of Advocacy!

This summer, the American Association of Service Coordinators is focusing on advocacy and educating elected officials about service coordination and residents' needs. We need you to get involved!

AASC is planning one action per month this May through September. We'll provide reminders, tools and resources to help you complete each action.

Invite others to join us! Share our Summer of Action flyer.


May Action
Invite your Congressional Representatives to your Property to Discuss the AHCA

Members of Congress (MoC) are working in their home districts May 29 – June 2. This is the perfect time to invite them to your property for a visit. Give them a tour of your property, explain what service coordinators do, and introduce them to your residents.

With the recent passage of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) in the House, this visit is a great opportunity to discuss with your MoCs the impact the law would have on your residents. Use these resources to contact your MoCs and plan their visit:

Find the contact information for your House Representative and Senators.

Make this an opportunity to connect with state and local officials, too. Invite state representatives, your governor, your city's mayor, city council members, and other public officials to see your property.

We want to hear what you're doing! Take photos and share information about the visits with us by emailing info@servicecoordinator.org.


Summer of Action

Invite your Congressional representatives to your property while they’re home during their recess May 29 – June 2.


Join the AASC Congress Call Week June 19 – 23. Call your senators and representative to educate them about service coordination.


Participate in AASC's postcard campaign. Get your property staff and residents together to write to your representatives.


Schedule a visit at the local offices of your members of Congress, who are working in their districts all month, and your state representatives. Bring residents with you!


Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper to explain service coordination and its importance to your residents and the community.